Wine Making Tips

Wine making can be as easy as walking into a store, mixing some wine kit concentrate and yeast powder from a wine making kit with water into a large fermenting bottle and, voila! Four to six weeks later, your wine is ready and you go back to the store to bottle, cork and label your product – usually about 33 bottles.

Or, it can be a very meticulous and measured art requiring a fairly good grounding in some pretty technical, age-old wine making concepts, a boggling array of wine making equipment and supplies, as well as the space and time to accommodate the hobby.

Happily, there are home wine making kits and methods that will fit just about anyone’s experience level, space and time requirements, as well as their budget and desire as to just how much effort they want to put into wine making.

Regardless of how sophisticated you may want to become in your home wine making, you will need a few things to make the experience and the wine enjoyable. The information on this site will help you find a huge number of these essential wine making supplies to satisfy the basics, and the accessories you’ll want to add to make the process easier and more enjoyable.

One necessary ingredient we can’t help you with is a space large enough to keep your equipment undisturbed and where the temperature can be controlled for proper fermentation. However, once you’ve satisfied that requirement, you’ll find a variety of wine storage and aging aids, like wine cellars, wine coolers and wine refrigerators suitable for small spaces.

A dark, cool place to store the wine once bottled is necessary. Wine bottles should be stored on their side, and in a consistent temperature of 12 to 16C degrees.