Wine Making Equipment

To make your first batch of 30 bottles of wine, you’ll need:
a 24-litre fermentor
a 23-litre plastic carboy (which is actually your second fermentor)
air lock and rubber stopper
siphoning and transferring equipment
a long-handled mixing spoon
a thermometer
a hydrometer and sampling jar
a bottle filling attachment
sanitizing and cleaning powders or solutions
a corker
30 corks
30 bottles.

And let’s not forget the grape juice or concentrate ingredients and a good instruction book!

You can get a starter kit with all of the above included for as low as $100US, and it is probably a good investment if you intend to take up wine making at home. Even if you find that it’s not for you after you’ve made your first batch, you’ve still saved a fair bit of money off what you would pay for 30 bottles of store-bought wine, and you’ve tried something different!

If you are taken with the new hobby of wine making at home, you can upgrade any of the wine making supplies included in your basic kit. Vacuum bottling machines are available at about $300US. When the bottle is placed under the machine, the fluid is sucked up by the vacuum created, without coming in contact with mechanical components and contaminating the content. A much less expensive option at about $20US is a hose-like bottle filler that can be as easy and efficient with self-levelling and automatic shut-off features to prevent overflow and waste.

For more information about wine making equipment and to reach some of the industry’s leading suppliers, check out some of the shopping links above!