How to manage anger and aggression

Anger is a normal human emotion, and it can be of help in some situations like those associated with self-protection and survival. Anger can also give you a strong temptation of resorting to aggression. Aggression can be appropriate when it comes to ensuring your safety but in a lot of instances it is not necessary, and it only inflames the situation. Below are a series of tips on anger management and hence limiting the chances of reacting to anger with unnecessary aggression:

Understand that anger is a problem


It is important to note that anger is a problem sometimes. We have already established that anger is a normal human emotion. So long as it is limited to a short emotional response, it does not take over life, and it does not last for an extended period, it is nothing to be worried about. If your anger escalates into rage quickly, then it is a problem. If you also continue to fret about what angers you, it can result in creating a lack of emotional equilibrium in your life.

Monitor your anger

It is vital to be mindful of a lot of things in your life including your emotions. If you are aware of this, you will have better chances of changing patterns that can make life more difficult for you and those around you. You might have a certain feeling that your anger is becoming a problem or you may hear it from other people who are affected by your anger. It is advisable to keep a log of upsetting situations, the anger they create in you and how you react to them. It is a great way to keep track of how well you manage your anger.

Feel the anger and do not do it anyway

It is okay to feel angry, but it is advisable not to rush into a response. It is helpful to think about how you feel and why that feeling came about. Taking some time to react and having the chance to consider the situation assists you to look at what other alternatives are available for you.

Look after yourself

tyfytfvyjhvghvA lot of things can make it harder for you to manage your anger effectively. One of them is your health. When you feel unwell physically, you will have reduced ability to think about how to react to your anger clearly. The same thing happens when you are in a bad emotional space, or you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.…

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