Understanding car brake systems

Whenever we think of cars, we usually think about their design and their engines. These are the appealing parts of a car. However, without understanding the car braking system, cars are rather useless and dangerous. Braking systems are the least considered component by any buyer of a car. They perform a simple but absolutely vital task which is to assist you to stop when driving. Understanding the cost and different types of braking systems helps in the maintenance and safety of the car.

Cost of brake maintenance

rtfghvghvhvghvA majority of people only understand braking systems from the cost perspective. They are often annoyed when they spend a lot of money on brake maintenance. They, however, seem not to mind having a pricey new stereo system in the car and forgetting that brakes are very crucial and cheap to maintain. The braking systems used nowadays are dual brake systems which are simple, reliable and can be found at your local dealer.

Types of brake systems

Power brakes and manual brakes

Before power brakes there used to be brakes that were kind of manual. You practically needed to apply a lot of pressure on the brake pedal to get a car to a standstill. But those days are long gone. Now cars have power brakes which means the driver is assisted with a power brake booster working with the brake pedal and master cylinder. The power brake booster looks like a black cylinder located near the back of the engine. The power brake booster is a useful little oil booster. It requires oil from the cylinder to increase leverage. In other words, it enables you to apply less pressure on the brake pedal and the car will come to stand still.

Rotor and drum types of brake

tyfhyvhjvhjvhvhjBraking systems used in modern cars are dual brake systems. This means that the lines for the front and rear brakes are split. This is certainly safer because it offers redundancy. Modern brakes now come in drum and disc forms. Some cars have all disc brakes, but most cars have a combination of the two. Typically, drum brakes can be found on the rear wheels. But you should understand that both types of brakes basically do the same thing by utilizing different technologies. Disc brakes work by squeezing on a rotor which is a wheel of metal that revolves as the tire rotates. When the rotor is squeezed it makes a car slow down. Drum brakes apply pressure to the sides of a rotating cylindrical drum. This also helps to slow the vehicle.…

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