Beer Steins

Beer steins make a great gift for any beer lover and there is an endless selection to choose from online. One page alone displays 36 beer steins, and that’s just the selection from Bavaria available at that retailer’s site!

Many people are avid beer stein collectors. Whether you’re looking for a purely decorative piece or one that will be used for beer, you’ll find brewery promotional and collectible beer steins in a range of materials, from ceramic to pewter. A simple ceramic brewery stein will run between $5 and $10.

You can combine a love of beer and other activities with a stein embossed or engraved with your beer lover’s other hobby, like golfing or tennis, and you can find them painted with famous artworks by Norman Rockwell or other favorite artists.

You can also order customized and personalized beer steins to commemorate special days or convey special messages. What father wouldn’t love a beer stein for Father’s Day?

Collectible and decorative beer steins are generally six and a half to seven and a half inches high, and will cost about $15 and higher, depending on design, material and collectible value.

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